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Jobs on line is a simple to use site for placing job advertisements on line on the IRRV jobs on line web site.

When you register as a new user you will be given a password and user name. This will give you access to a set of administration pages where you can administer your job advertisements.

To Use the site

Go to and select advertisers log in from the menu on the left hand side.

Enter your password and user name and click on the blue button to continue.

You can now choose from the menu of 5 options
1. Enter a new job,
2. Amend an existing job
3. Look at your achived jobs
4. Download a file of applicant details
5. Access user administration to change your contact details or password

To enter a new job select Insert a new job which is option 1.

If you are entering a job for the first time select enter a new job. If you want to enter a job advert using information previously entered for a similar job select Create a new job based on a previous template. This will allow you to add in new information but also to use information contained in another of your job adverts.

The job advert form will then appear on the screen and you can enter the details of your job vacancy.

First enter the job title for the vacancy and the name of the employer in the first two boxes on the form.

The address of the organisation should be entered in full in the box marked company address.

Use the next box to enter the closing date for applications, the date should be entered using the following format dd/mm/yyyy.

After the closing date your job advertisement will go off line, but you can still access the job advertisement by selecting the option for archived jobs.

You can use the next box to supply a multi map link for applicants but this is optional. To use this option click on the multi map icon and then type in the postcode for the job location. A link will then be shown which you can copy and paste into the box on the job details form.

The next two boxes on the form ask for the email contact name e.g John Smith and the email address e.g john.smith where applicants can request further information.

Next you should enter the web site address of the organisation.

You can now select from a drop down list in the next three boxes to enter the interest area, the geographical region and the salary range for the vacancy. Applicants will search for vacancies using these three criteria.

The next three boxes ask for salary details, if the vacancy has a starting salary enter this in the first box. If the vacancy is within a fixed salary band enter the first salary point in the first box and the final salary point in the second box. You can use the third box to supply any other salary scale information.

You can now enter details of the type of contract from the drop down menu, enter the number of hours if applicable in the next box and give the number of days or hours leave in the next box.

You now have three boxes to enter any details about the vacancy or organisation. The text you type into each box will be formatted automatically and will appear as a separate paragraph on the web site.

Once you have entered the details of the vacancy and are satisfied with its accuracy you can select the blue button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be shown a copy of what will appear on the site and you select the blue button to put the details on line.

Once on line you can amend any details by selecting the option current jobs from the main menu after you log in.